Policy Briefs

The EnTrust Policy Briefs address main findings of our research and provide evidence-based policy recommendations with regard to current policy debates relating to trust and distrust in governance, civil society and the future of democracy in Europe.

You may find all of EnTrust’s European Policy Briefs here:

Issue 1 (September 2020):

EnTrust’s first Policy Brief elucidates practical implications of the theoretical and normative underpinnings of trust and distrust and suggests how a new narrative of ownership and civic participation grounded in fundamental rights may contribute to renewing trust in European governance.

EN: European Policy Brief Issue I

CS: Zpráva o evropské politice I

DA: Europæisk Policy Brief I

DE: Europäischer Policy Brief I

EL: Ενημερωτικό Δελτίο Ευρωπαϊκής Πολιτικής I

IT: Policy Brief Europeo I

PL: Europejski informator polityczny I

SR: Saopštenje o smernicama za Evropu I

Issue 2 (February 2022)

Our second Policy Brief offers evidence-based recommendations of how to improve trust relations between citizens and social service administrations.

Issue 3 (August 2022)

In our third European Policy Brief, EnTrust presents new evidence-based insights about the role of democratically-oriented social movements in creating and reproducing trust and distrust in governance and their capabilities to mobilise citizens, channel distrust in productive ways and contribute to policy change. Based on our findings, the Policy brief offers recommendations suggesting what should be done to support social movements in rebuilding citizens’ trust at various levels and strengthening democracy.

Issue 4 (June 2023)

Our forth European policy brief presents policy recommendations and fresh findings about building trust and distrust in the media and the role of disinformation and media freedom.

EN: European Policy Brief Issue IV

Issue 5 (August 2023)

Our fifth European Policy Brief provides fresh empirical insights and policy recommendations about trust in governance from a developmental-psychological perspective. Trust in governance results from a socialisation process embedded in specific cultural and political contexts. But what are the circumstances that influence political trust and distrust, how can we address discontent and improve democratic systems for greater acceptance? Based on the latest EnTrust studies, this Policy Briefs offers valuable insights for policymakers seeking to understand how governance influences trust and distrust in political institutions throughout different stages of life.

EN: European Policy Brief Issue V

Issue 7 (September 2023)

Policy Brief 7 examines the role of civil society organisations in EU policy-making, provides insights into the conditions of trust and mistrust between civil society organisations and the EU institutions, and makes recommendations for establishing a genuine civil dialogue at European level.

EN: European Policy Brief Issue VII

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