EnTrust – Enlightened Trust in Governance

EnTrust is a multidisciplinary and international research project dedicated to provide novel insights into trust and distrust in governance and measures to support sustainable and democratic societies in Europe. It consists of a consortium of seven research

teams from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Serbia with expertise in sociology, psychology, political science, media and communication studies, as well as a civil society practitioner active at the EU level.


At the culmination of the project, EnTrust produced a series of short documentaries to highlight our main findings about the forms, determinants and consequences of trust and distrust in governance, as well as to give a voice to various research participants. The seven short documentaries, produced together with filmmaker Camille Delbos, feature EnTrust researchers, public […]

After four years of indepth and multi-dimensional research, the international EnTrust project is coming to an end. For anyone who would like an overview of the core results of the individual work packages, we have prepared an Integrated Research Summary spotlighting novel insights into trust and distrust in governance from various perspectives. If you are […]

We are happy to announce that EnTrust contributes to the latest CORDIS Results Pack on “Connecting citizens with democracy”, which elucidates new tools and insights to bolster political participation. Our own contribution sheds light on the role of “enlightened trust” and healthy scepticism for creating and maintaining well-functioning democracies, and gives on overview over 4 […]


Distrust, disengagement and the challenges of democracy: Discussion around the EnTrust Guide on ‘Enlightened Trust’ 25th April 2024 |12:00 – 13:00 CET, Online Find the conference programme here and event here. Global surveys show that democracies struggle in terms of citizens’ trust towards the institutions – especially towards those that govern such democracies (government, parliament, […]

On behalf of the EnTrust consortium, we are glad to invite you to watch the debate  “Evidence-informed policy making and the role of ‘knowledge-intermediaries’: Discussion around the EnTrust Manual for Evidence-informed Policy Making”, that will take place online on 19 March 2024, 12:00 – 13:00 CET.  The event will discuss the role of scientific evidence […]

After four years, the project is coming to an end, and the consortium presented the findings of research on trust and distrust in governance in two events: The research conference of the EnTrust project, organised in collaboration with the Partnership Team of the European Parliament, was dedicated to the question of how trust in governance […]